Lakers’ New Lineup: Not Working?

This season, the Los Angeles Lakers were considered as the team to watch out for because of their major changes with their starting lineup. Many people thought that All-Star player Pau Gasol will leave the City of Angels because of his lackluster performance last season but Dwight Howard came along and strengthens their post offense and defense. However, with the current standing of the team, does the change really have a positive effect at all?

Now that Kobe Bryant already has an impressive point guard in Steve Nash on his side, many are expecting amazing plays through Nash’s ball handling and passing skills. On the other hand, this supposed-to-be dominating team is not showing any signs of greatness as of the moment. After all the hype the Lakers received during offseason, there’s a need to change something about the team’s strategy.

One thing that should be considered is their team chemistry. It is true that the Lakers already have all their need to get them another shot at the NBA championship but it is important to know if the “Fab 5” will get along as a team. It is still early to judge them but so far, the chemistry is not shown at all.

Kobe Bryant should also make some adjustments. This is not the old Lakers anymore. With All-Star players, the Black Mamba should also learn how to trust his team mates. They should not run isolation plays that often because all five of them know how to score points. The record shows that the 34-year old star is still not creating extra efforts to make some assists.

Aside from the NBA legend, Coach Mike Brown is also a factor in this scenario. Many basketball fans around the world were blaming the former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach about what is happening to the team since last season. It would be better if Brown will prove that he is not just depending on LeBron James’ isolation plays for the Cavs.

Steve Nash was known as a ‘Pick and Roll’ expert therefore, there is a possibility that he is having a hard time adjusting on the ‘Princeton Offense.’ This can be considered as a barrier from their comfort zones. It would be better if they will be able to maximize Dwight Howard’s capabilities.

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